How to ues it

Apply a medium such as water-soluble gel to the skin and rub it with Ultrasound. Allows easy removal of impurities in the skin.

비디오 재생

Acne treatment

It stimulates the skin to remove wastes and activate the skin. It is effective in treating acne because it excretes secretions.

Massage effect

The skin temperature is raised by the vibration and the circulation of the lymph is improved. Thereby, it has effects such as relaxation of cell structure, reduction of swelling, promotion of metabolism, and activation of composition in birds.

Wrinkle removal

Activation of fibroblasts in the dermis promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, so that wrinkles are spread.


Ultrasound action

It emits ultrasound inside the skin, stimulating the cells to produce a massage effect. It also activates collagen tissue through the warming effect of ultrasound and increases blood flow.