Micro Dermabrasion Deep Cleansing


Skin cleansing

Makes your skin transparent with microdermabrasions.


Pore cleaning

Remove foreign matter inside the pore.Remove foreign matter inside the pore.


Prevention of skin trouble

Prevent troubles by cleansing the skin.

How to ues it

The  H2O2 liquid is spun on the tip of the handpiece and sucked in to clean the deep part of the skin.

비디오 재생

Vortex Deep cleansing

The swirl tip has three holes. H2O2 comes out in the middle and there are two holes on the side, so the used water is sucked together with the garbage of the skin

Micro Dermabrasion

Micro Dermabrasion

The skin is peeled off in microns and the melanin pigment is released to make the face transparent. It stimulates collagen fibers and elastic fibers to make your face firm.