Newtro your face.

NEWTROFACE pursues a better life for humans and ultimately a beautiful life. The existing skin care solutions have helped to shape the human appearance. But with age, skincare solutions need to be even more innovative.

With the change, the efficiency is high and it is powerful with new technology. Newtro your Face.


Blue is a color that means freshness as well as youth. NEWTROFACE introduced the blue emblem of the logo emblem.

This spinning shape means Vortex technology, one of the most important technologies in skin care and products.


We adopted the Newtro because we wanted to change as the times changed.

Newtro is a compound of New and Retro, which has the characteristics of the previous one, includes the meaning of being renewed, and combines it with the word Face to recover to my young skin or the meaning of renewing the skin You will have